Varvara Liakounakou was born in 1978 in Athens, Greece.

She studied Painting in the Academy of Fine Arts of Florence, Italy (1997-2001).

Lived and worked in Athens, Southern Crete, Greece, and New York (2001-2014).

Currently lives and works in Athens and Southern Crete, Greece.

Organiser and Instructor of Painting at the Mudhouse Residency, in Agios Ioannis, Crete, Greece (


Solo exhibitions

-Citronne Gallery, Athens, 2022

-Medusa Art Gallery, Athens, Greece, 2017

-Art Space 24, Athens, Greece, 2012

-Art Space 24, Athens, Greece, 2008

-Artower Agora Gallery, Athens, Greece, 2002


Group exhibitions

-Medusa Art Gallery (1979-2017), Benaki Museum, curated by Elizabeth Plessa, Athens, 2022

-21! New Greek Painting, Agios Nikolaos Municipal Gallery and Old County Court, curated by Ex Situ (Eleni Koukou and Theofilos Trampoulis), Crete, 2021

-"Tribute to Celia Daskopoulou 1936-2006", CAN Gallery, curated by Christina Androulidaki, Athens, Greeece, 2018

-"Acropolis at the bottom", A.S.F.A.- "Nikos Kessanlis" exhibition hall, curated by Katerina Nikou, Athens, Greece, 2018

-"Cosmonauts of Inner space", National Observatory of Athens, curated by Spiros Verykios, Athens, Greece, 2018

-"The Illusion of Reality", Galleria De Marchi, curated by Trevisan International Art, Bologna, Italy, 2014

-"Enigma", Skoufa Gallery, curated by Elizabeth Plessa, Athens, Greece, 2013

-"Meeting Greece #1", Mulier Mulier Gallery, curated by Guy Van Bossche, Knokke-Zoute, Belgium, 2013

-Art Athina with Mulier Mulier Gallery of Belgium, Athens, Greece, 2013

-"Ink", Medusa Art Gallery, curated by Elizabeth Plessa, Athens, Greece, 2012

-First International Biennale of Santorini, curated by Simon Tarrant, island of Santorini, Greece, 2012

-Art Athina with Mulier Mulier Gallery of Belgium, Athens, Greece, 2011

-Art Athina with Mulier Mulier Gallery of Belgium, Athens, Greece, 2010

-"4 Seasons", curated by Art Expertise Ekthesis, War Museum, Athens, Greece, 2009

-"Christmas with Papadiamantis", Art Space 24, Athens, Greece, 2008

-Kalliope Gallery, island of Chios, Greece, 2007

-Graduates of the American College of Greece Exhibition, curated by Dora Rogan, Athens, Greece, 2006

-Artower Agora Gallery, Athens, Greece, 2003

-Graduates’ Group Exhibition, Florence, Italy, 2001

-National Italian Student Exhibition, Turin, Italy, 2000

-Academy’s Group Exhibition, Florence, Italy, 1999


Works by her belong to the Vorres Museum Collection, Greece, the Emfietzoglou Collection, Greece and the Sotiris Felios Collection, Greece.

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